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Top 3 Yogi’s favourite food


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So you’ve mastered the art of turning yourself into a human pretzel, all while feeling a sense of serenity envelope you. Your face holds no trace of the stress you were experiencing at work, and you walk out of your class feeling light and airy, like you’re tiptoeing on a runway made from soft, white clouds. On the way home, you feel the need to feed your stomach. Do you stop at the nearest fast food drive-thru for burgers, fries and an upsized carbonated drink? NO WAY!

While practising yoga definitely gives your mind and body a thorough sense of peace, its effects are best when partnered with smart eating habits both pre and post-workout. So what should a yogi consume?

1) Go Nuts!            

And of course we mean the unsalted ones. An assortment of nuts would be just right if you want variety, and a combination of cashew nuts, pistachio and walnuts are able to fuel you with vitamins and minerals, as well as the energy you need before your yoga classes.
Almonds would also be an excellent choice to go with. These little wonders don’t only keep hunger at bay, they also contain potassium, magnesium and vitamin E, which does wonders for your skin!

2) Light and Easy

After your workout, it’s best to go with food that is easy on your digestive system so as not to overwhelm it. Ideally, this would be a combination of fibrous carbohydrates and lean protein. Fibrous carbohydrates take longer to digest, ensuring that you feel full for much longer. They also enable nutrients to be absorbed quickly by your muscles, just perfect after being stretched to its limits.
Protein helps your tired muscles to recover and build. Foods such as tuna, eggs and skinless chicken breast are all good sources of protein to consume.
The easiest way to consume this combination would of course be to have them all in a salad. Light yet not in the least bit inferior in terms of flavours if you make them right, salads would give you the best of proteins and fibrous carbohydrates!
If you do doubt your culinary skills, why not leave it to us? With an assortment of salads such as the Caesar Salad with grilled chicken or smoked salmon, deliciously creamy avocado salad or the amazingly crunchy Vietnamese salad to choose from, you’re literally spoilt for choice! We do deliver, of course. All the better as skipping lunch before your yoga classes would now be a thing of the past.

3) Fruitilicious!

That’s right. Snack on fruits to your heart’s content! Whoever came up with the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ definitely knew what they were saying. Of course you’re not limited to apples for choice. Take a banana for example. The potassium content ensures you’re well energised before your yoga classes, and the magnesium in them helps keep cramps at bay. What about an avocado? Besides being able to reduce harmful cholesterol in your body, avocadoes keep you sufficiently full for longer, ensuring that you don’t topple over during your headstands from lack of energy.


Ensuring that you eat right helps to maximise the effectiveness of your yoga workouts. Now, you wouldn’t want to put all those contortions to waste would you?


A month into the business of delivering lunch boxes

Its been a month since starting this healthy lunch box business and I must say I am overwhelmed by the response I get from the orders and feedback from customers (some good and some bad) – I take all feedback constructively as I believe its the only way to grow and become better. Overall I know there is definitely a demand for healthier meals in KL.  Even amongst my friends, almost 70% of them in KL are either hitting the gym, going on a low carbohydrate diet or just limiting their visits to the mamak stalls. People know that a healthier lifestyle means eating well and burning off those unwanted calories.

Just this week, I was interviewed by BFM (Business FM) and it was a major joy getting my first media appearance with my favourite radio station. Listening to their radio station every time I drive and suddenly being asked to go on air is like a smile on your face you can’t get rid of. I took the opportunity to explain to the listeners on how I combined my food science degree with my passion, hence the birth of Chopstick Diner. You can listen to the podcast here

Also, over the weekend The Malay Mail Online published an article on their interview with me. I have been a regular contributor to The Malay Mail Online for the past 1 year. They publish one of my recipes almost every week under their Eat and Drink section, all of which you can find under the “Recipes For You”section on For the interview The Malay Mail Online had with me, you can read it here

We’re off to a good start. Thanking each and every one of you for your support

xx Elaine









On the menu next week (Week Commencing 1 Sept 2014)

As the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad is a favourite amongst many, I decided to revamp the dish a little by replacing the Grilled Chicken with Smoked Salmon. Smoked Salmon has always been one of my favourite snacks to have, and it makes a great dish when eaten with my leafy greens.

The Smoked Salmon we are getting is from Norway and I only want the best for my customers. The smokiness from this product is the reason why I chose it for our menu next week.

Smoked salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, known to prevent cardiovascular illnesses. It also contains Potassium, Selenium and Vitamin B12. I highlight the fact that it contains Selenium, as this mineral has antioxidant properties known to protect cells from being damaged. Which increase your Selenium intake to prevent yourself from cancers such as prostrate cancer.

Why think twice about eating something good for you and tasty?


NOTE: We will take in orders for Tues (2nd Sept 2014) onwards



Working with The Star yonks ago

I’m naturally quite a shy person, so if you put me in front of the camera I tend to stutter or have to repeat myself over, just to say the right thing. So when The Star interviewed me a few years ago, it took a lot of courage to say “Yes, I’ll do this” and step outside my comfort zone. In fact I was sitting in the car for about half an hour practicing what I was going to say.
It was so nice of Mr Food from Village Grocer, Bangsar Village to allow us to do the short interview at their premise.



I’m so excited to be launching my website, where ordering your lunchboxes will be much easier.

I will continue to ensure healthy and fresh lunchboxes gets to on time when you order.

In the meantime, take care and ensure you feed your body with good, nutritious food everyday!


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