Half boiled eggs on toast
  Soft, runny, comfort food with a hint of crunch! Half boiled eggs for breakfast with the perfect slice of toast is how I like to eat my breakfast on a lazy day. This is also a very popular breakfast dish amongst Malaysians besides the usual laksa or nasi lemak, which I consider a tad too heavy to have for breakfast. As your body has had a good 8 hour rest the night before, it would be wise to eat something more Read More
Phad Thai
  Like most Thai food, this dish is a perfect symphony of flavours, combining sweet, sour, salty and spicy in a bowl or stir-fried noodles. Phad Thai is one of Thailand’s national dish. It is an artfully made rice noodle dish with four main ingredients: fish sauce, a squeeze of lime, chilli padi and palm sugar, which provides the salty, sour, spicy and sweet tastes respectively. They also contain golden strips of eggs and some meat of your choice, let it Read More
Thai Basil Chicken
  There are a small variety of food that has the ability of invoking hunger in me even when I’m not hungry. Either by the mere sight of them, or by their distinct aroma wafting its way into my brain and triggering the “FOOOD!!” alarm. This dish is definitely one that has those effects on me, both of it really-the fragrance and the sight. The main aroma-inducing ingredient in this dish are the Holy Basil leaves. This green leaf earned its name Read More
Indonesian Salad (Gado Gado)
  Gado Gado has simply got to be one of Indonesia’s best contribution to the culinary world. This superior-tasting dish is a combination of simple ingredients put together in a simple manner, yet yielding extraordinarily wonderful results. Gado gado consists of an assortment of lightly blanched vegetables such as cabbage, ‘kang kung’ (Water Spinach), bean sprouts, string beans, boiled potatoes, lightly fried tofu, peeled and sliced boiled eggs, fresh cucumbers and lettuce, tofu, tempeh (an Indonesian traditional fermented soy product with Read More
Fried Flat noodle (Char Kueh Tiaw)
Everyone has their own guilty pleasure, and so do I. Ok, it’s a little oily. And not so skimpy in the calorie department. And..and..and…delicious! Char Kway Tiaw, as they’re also known, are a common sight in most hawker stalls, especially in the island of all glorious food, Penang. The ever-increasing fan base of this dish has prompted even restaurants to offer them. So what is it really about this dish that has people swooning over them, not minding the long, Read More
Claypot Short Rice Noodles (Loh Shu Fan)
  Claypot Loh Shu Fun is a famous dish in Petaling Street, and it’s my regular spot for supper after a big night out. Every trace of tiredness would magically disappear as I savour each mouthful, and I simply had to try my hand at making this awesome dish. Loh Shu Fun literally translates to “rats tail noodles”, and it really is a fitting name as these chewy rice noodles really do resemble a rat’s tail-thick in the middle and tapering off Read More
Fried Malaysian Noodles (Mee Goreng Mamak)
  As someone with a passion for food, there are days where I slave for hours in the kitchen, preparing a three-course meal and yet loving every moment of it. And then there are other days where I would rather have something simpler but still packed with aroma and flavour. That’s when I turn to my all-time favorite 10 minute noodle - Mee Goreng!   There are many types of noodles, and what I've used in this recipe is the Hokkien noodle variety Read More
Vietnamese Chopped Pork Baguette (Banh Mi)
  It wasn’t really love at first sight…more of love at first bite. Hurrying down the crowded street of Chinatown in Perth, I was desperate to find something quick that would pacify the rumbles of my empty tummy. I spotted people emerging with sandwiches of some sort from a Vietnamese stall, and I proceeded to order “one of those”. One bite was all it took to stop me dead on my tracks. Banh Mi, as I found out later, is a mouth-watering Read More
Kung Pao Chicken
  I’m very sure most of you know what this is. Also known as ‘Kung Pao Chicken’, this dish, originating from the Sichuan province of China, is one of the most well-known Chinese dish in the world. It is also one of the most favoured Asian dish in the United States and Canada, with many Western chefs aiming to perfect their culinary skills by mastering this dish. It is said that this dish was named after a Qing Dynasty official, Ding Read More
Malay Spicy Red Chicken (Ayam Masak Merah)
  Malay cuisine are known to be very flavourful, thanks to the addition of fresh spices and herbs. ‘Ayam masak merah’, a dish I always look forward to during Malay functions, especially Hari Raya, are no exception. Literally meaning ‘Red-cooked chicken’, they are not to be confused with the red-cooked chicken popular in Chinese cuisine. This is a dish of chicken braised in a reddish gravy. Don’t let their fiery red appearance scare you- the colour is actually from the abundance Read More

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