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Instagram WC1 Sept 2014

On the menu next week (Week Commencing 1 Sept 2014)

As the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad is a favourite amongst many, I decided to revamp the dish a little by replacing the Grilled Chicken with Smoked Salmon. Smoked Salmon has always been one of my favourite snacks to have, and it makes a great dish when eaten with my leafy greens.

The Smoked Salmon we are getting is from Norway and I only want the best for my customers. The smokiness from this product is the reason why I chose it for our menu next week.

Smoked salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, known to prevent cardiovascular illnesses. It also contains Potassium, Selenium and Vitamin B12. I highlight the fact that it contains Selenium, as this mineral has antioxidant properties known to protect cells from being damaged. Which increase your Selenium intake to prevent yourself from cancers such as prostrate cancer.

Why think twice about eating something good for you and tasty?


NOTE: We will take in orders for Tues (2nd Sept 2014) onwards



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