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Punjab Delight

Punjab Delight

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Tandoori chicken has got to be on of the most mouthwatering grilled chicken ever!
Everyone I know, loves a good Tandoori. But sometimes the colour puts me off a bit. To imagine that amount of colouring in one piece of chicken is quite terrifying. It’ll be ok if it was coloured with beetroot powder, but we know that doesn’t happen in most cafes/restaurants that prepare it.
We’ve obviously omitted the colouring from our Tandoori chicken today. And added a creamy sweet potato mash so you can devour it together with the succulent chicken pieces. To make it even more of a flavour explosion, we have prepared a mint-yoghurt sauce for you too. A grilled dish is not quite complete without a grilled cob (in my opinion anyway). So we’ve grilled a piece of cob for you to perfection to have with our Punjab delight.

2 reviews for Punjab Delight

  1. Lim
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    COMMENTS ON YEE SANG – I’m the last person you’d expect to be on the healthy bandwagon, but this is really good. The plum sauce is delicious and comes in a generous portion. It’s not too sweet – just the right amount of sour-sweetness to give the whole dish a zesty zing. I also love the selection of vegetables used. There are crunchy bits, chewy ones, and all sorts of colors too. The sesame seeds and wonton skin are yummy additions.

    And as a fatty who often complains that “rabbit food” leaves me still feeling hungry, I am pleasantly surprised how filling this dish is!

    • admin


      Thank you so much for your praises on this dish!

  2. limteckchoon
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Doctor’s orders are that I eat less oily food, meat, and sugar to keep the cholesterol level within healthy limits. As a lifelong carnivore, I am still making baby steps in changing my dietary habits for the better, but if I can cook like Elaine Ho, I’d probably be down to 70kg and looking like Chris Evans in no time.

    Tomyam fried rice with quinoa is another winner from Chopstick Diner. Prior to this, quinoa is just a rarely-used “Q” word in my vocabulary, and I have no idea until today how great it tastes with rice. The flavors come together in this little meal like magic. The quinoa and the tomyam paste are a gorgeous combination of sweet and tangy on my tongue, and the coriander gives the whole dish a delicious zesty tinge. I normally am indifferent to cucumbers, but here, they add a great crunchy texture.

    For a fried dish, this one is not greasy at all. It’s all flavors, no grease. It’s tasty, it’s filling, and I’m this much tempted to order two boxes for my next lunch! (That last part is a joke, in case my doctor is reading this.)

    • admin


      Thank you Lim Teck Choon for your feedback. You are too kind!!


      In reply to WORLDFOODS Tom Yam Fried Rice with Quinoa

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