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Wholesome Box

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We produce ONE wholesome box per day. Below is our menu for the week:


Monday (Meatless Monday)


We had to make Meatless Monday an interesting one, hence introducing this ultimate Nyonya Laksa dish to you. Because our containers aren’t waterproof, we have made laksa available to you dry style. Made with the freshest ingredients you are sure not be be disappointed



Teriyaki Chicken with Garlic rice


Teriyaki Chicken and Garlic Fried Rice would not do you wrong! We added some tamago omelette (cooked our style) to go with the star of the show (Teriyaki Chicken). Homemade, nothing beats that




Local vegetables and herbs intertwined with springy rice noodles and topped with shredded omelette and raw vegetables




Oh-so-delicious roasted eggplants and pumpkin cooked in miso sauce. Its absolutely healthy and delicious at the same time. Packed full of flavours this dish works well when eaten with garlic fried rice



Thai basil chicken with fragrant rice

This chicken has a slight tinge of spiciness in it. It is cooked with Thai Basil and sweet onions. When dished onto aromatic rice, it makes the perfect lunch for under RM10

2 reviews for Wholesome Box

  1. limteckchoon
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I ordered Wednesday’s wholesome box – springy rice noodles with vegetables, herbs and shredded omelette – and I have to say, it tastes fantastic. I am no chef so I am not sure whether I’m identifying this correctly, but there is a slight tangy/lemony taste that is just delicious. Shredded chili and omelette only enhances the taste. Oh, and the whole thing isn’t oily or leave me with that “fatty” feeling in the tummy.

    I was initially wondering whether the portion would make a fatty like me feel full. I’m pleased to report that it does!

    • admin


      Teck Choon, We love your honest feedback! Keep those feedback coming! Thanks
      In reply to: Wednesday’s Wholesome Box

  2. limteckchoon
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have a very Chinese palate, so my fellow Chinese palate types may understand what I am saying when I point out that Monday’s dish – teriyaki chicken and garlic fried rice – tastes like a scrumptious, healthier version of the popular claypot chicken rice. Really, the rice’s taste has just the right amount of subtle, rich flavors and the chicken is made with just the right amount of tenderness (not too hard and dry, not too ‘lembik’ – just right for a bite). And the accompanying chili is just AWESOME, it goes great with the rice and chicken.

    My only issue, for which I regretfully take a star off, is that there is just too much rice for even a fatty like me to finish. I’d have personally loved a bit more omelette instead. On the bright side, though – this healthy little lunch will definitely be a filling meal!

    • admin


      Dear Teck Choon, Thank you for the constructive feedback! :)
      Reply to Monday’s Wholesome box

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